Mar 6 2018

Dynamic Office Space – Promote Health & Engagement at Work

Keep your workforce moving in a dynamic office space

Sitting for too many hours is a major risk that many of us take during our workday.

Employers are responding by offering progressive spaces that encourage movement throughout the working day. Health-focused solutions have become a hot topic in office design.

Concepts to be considered include:

  • A move away from traditional workspaces
  • A holistic approach to movement in the workplace
  • Provision of varied meeting spaces
  • Including outdoor spaces in plans
  • Entertainment areas
  • Re-thinking processes alongside office fitouts

A move away from traditional workspaces

Companies such as Google have publicly applauded the benefits of a non-traditional working environment.

Hot desking has been around for years. However, it’s not just contractors or temporary staff that are given hot desks today. Some of the more forward thinking companies have implemented a hot desk system for all employees. There are no permanent desks, employees simply arrive and select a work space that suits them.

Beanbags, hammocks, even sun loungers have all been installed in offices with the aim of creating a flowing work environment where meetings don’t have to go on for hours in the same space.

A holistic approach

The Steelcase Global Report showed that 96% of highly engaged workers are able to move freely and change postures throughout their day. A holistic company-wide approach to encouraging movement can have a very positive effect.

Providing more options for meeting spaces will give groups the chance to find a space that fits their needs. Limiting the time that a particular work environment or meeting space can be occupied by the same group will help ensure that people keep moving and don’t sit for long periods in the same place.

Daily stand-up meetings originated in the tech industry. They are often faster paced and far shorter than those where people sit down at a table.

Stand-ups are becoming more commonplace now across industries and work environments. They can take place in virtually any space where a working group or team can stand in a circle together so it’s easy to incorporate such areas into your office design.

Incorporate outdoor spaces into your office design

If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space, it can be incorporated into your work space design. Outdoor break-out areas, walking paths, or art instalments all give people a reason to move outside.

You could even consider placing an information area outside to encourage even the most reluctant to take the time to have a look.

Entertainment areas can transform break times

It used to be exclusively the large corporates that included entertainment areas in their office fitouts to the envy of their visitors.

More and more SMEs are fitting break rooms with games such as table tennis or foosball to encourage employees to move around while they take a break.

Some offices are also fitted out with a gym. If indoor space is an issue, an outdoor gym might be a consideration.