Nov 18 2019

Office work booths: Why you should have them & how to choose the best one for your office

In an age of hot-desking, coworking spaces and telecommuting, having a dedicated office space is a conscious choice, and your office design and aesthetics should reflect that.

Deliberately considered modern office booth seating is a space-saving option for a collaborative working environment. Quiet office booths make an inspiring alternative to generic meeting rooms. The high-quality materials and a wide range of sizes and fabric colours will help you identify and perpetuate your corporate branding. Read on to find out whether your team and office space could benefit from office booth seating.

Office Work Booth Advantages

The office booth seating from Pace Group is created in collaboration with architects and designers to build user-friendly, personalised and inspired solutions. Your office booth seats will be created based on your unique specifications. You’ll see 3D renders of the design at every stage so you can provide feedback and make changes. The finished products are high quality and Australian made to the strictest industry standards.

All this means your business can benefit from a fully optimised office space. No corner of space is wasted, and no area is too small to benefit from office booths. In fact, modern office booth seating is a great way to maximise a small environment as the pods can be multi-purpose. Use the booths as working spaces, meeting spaces or staff break-out areas.

Office Work Booth Disadvantages

Before you start designing office booth seating for your workspace, consider if it is the right option for you. You know your team well – are they the kind of people who will work well together in an open plan environment or are their roles too different and varied for collaboration. Alternatively, do areas of your business operate independently and therefore need private meeting spaces for confidentiality and client meetings.

How to Choose the Best Work Booth for Your Office

Are you looking for office booth seating for your reception area, which would need to be comfortable and inviting? This allows your waiting guests a modicum of privacy from each other while keeping your reception area open and light. Or do you have an open-plan office to which you would like to add some privacy for your team? Individual booths with customisable levels of wrap-around features can help your team members focus. Alternatively, larger meeting booths that cater for more people can help create individual zones and utilise otherwise unusable space in an open-plan office.

High performing, custom-designed office furniture is worth the investment. An inspiring and carefully designed office space helps bring out the best in your team and in turn your business. You may be looking for reception furniture like the Haven or Zara, or if you want to create individual workspaces, use the We Meet Collaborative Booths or the Archer Mod Pods. Create unique meeting spaces using Harper or Khloe for relaxed and productive collaboration. Contact Pace Group now to start designing your new space filled with modern office booth seating.