City of Newcastle

Stewart Avenue, Newcastle West

The Challenge

Newcastle City Council recently required a fit-out for new administrative offices. The client desired moving towards an activity-based work structure where individuals no longer had assigned workstations. This was a big shift from the former traditional council offices, moving the organization into a brand new era. Pace Group worked closely with the amazing teams at Graphite Projects & Incorp to deliver on the client’s brief in designing a truly agile activity-based office. Council staff were to receive assigned lockers for their personal belongings and provided with the ability to choose a different working space depending on their day-to-day requirements.

Furniture That Fits

To ensure the client was happy with the proposed design before beginning the manufacturing process, Pace Group created a prototype which was amended until a final design was reached. Sit/stand desks provide a variety of benefits, with that in mind the client decided to go with the Strata MK2 workstation. Strata MK2 is our newest desk featuring the latest in height adjustable technology at a more affordable price point.

Due to the open plan office privacy was a key concern, Pace Group manufacture a variety of privacy screens and it was important to select the right design for the business. During consultation with the client we found our Aura Panel Focus Screens were the best solution to provide users privacy and acoustic benefits while still being able to communicate freely.

As staff will no longer be working from an assigned desk, the team worked together to find a solution to store their equipment and personal belongings. Thanks to Pace Group’s custom joinery capabilities the decision was made to manufacture melamine lockers. The entire fit-out spanned across four levels of the Council building and each level featured a different feature colour. The melamine lockers and Aura Panel screens were designed to match the colour theme of each level.

Working hard to avoid any major disruption to the business throughout the project, the feedback received on the fit-out has been extremely positive. Staff have embraced the new way of working, which promotes better collaboration and communication.

Technical Info

Client City of Newcastle
Project Location Stewart Avenue, Newcastle West
Project Manager Graphite Projects
Architect Incorp
Completion Date October, 2019

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