Mar 6 2018

Sit-stand Desks Growing in Popularity

Stand-up work stations have grown in popularity as more and more people become concerned about the health issues associated with sitting all day.

Our bodies are designed to be mobile, our heart and cardiovascular system work better that way. However, sitting has become our number one position at work and during leisure time – at desks, when we eat, in the car and on the sofa.

The pros and cons of stand-up desks:


  • Improved health and life expectancy
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better focus
  • Widely available


  • Can cause office design issues if not carefully planned
  • May need anti-fatigue matting underfoot

Adjustable height sit-stand desks

Some side-effects of stand-up desks have been talked about, most notably the onset of cankles (swollen calf to ankles) and foot pain.

This has led to the increasing availability of adjustable height desks or stand-up desks that come with a stool. These sit to stand work stations allow for a combination of sitting and standing throughout the work day.

Sit to stand or sit-stand desks are ergonomically designed to counter many of the health complaints found in office workers.

The health benefits of alternating between sitting and standing include:

  • promotes healthy blood circulation
  • improves heart health
  • promotes spinal health
  • results in higher energy levels
  • reduces risk of obesity, cancer or diabetes
  • increases life expectancy

Sit-stand desks give the flexibility of transitioning between sitting, standing and moving around throughout the day in order to break the cycle of sitting down for hours on end.

They can be a good option for those put off by the thought of standing for the entire day, or those who prefer to fulfil certain tasks seated.

An extreme version of a stand-up desk is a treadmill desk that enables the user to move while working. These are more likely to be found in offices with a gym than used as a permanent work station.

Office design

Stand-up or sit to stand desks can provide seamlessly integrated within office designs if well-planned.

Electronic sit to stand desks are extremely versatile and can be design statements in themselves.

Choosing a sit-stand desk

Talk to us today about the range of flexible desking options available.