Jan 31 2020

Smart Office Furniture: Is your Office Ready for 2020?

The ever-increasing digital age we live in has meant that we have shifted away from traditional pen and paper dealings and favour more digital approaches to business practices. So, how can you and your organisation keep up with the times? Your office furniture may play a bigger part than you realise!

What is smart office furniture?

There has always been a disconnect between the worlds of technology and furniture, however, smart office furniture has been designed to bridge this gap.

Smart office furniture refers to furniture that has been equipped with electronic capabilities. This may come in the form of power points, charging stations or lighting built into desks or communal tables. Other, more intricate examples include multimedia tables, smart whiteboards or even voice-controlled devices.

Smart office furniture is a term that can also be more broadly applied to furniture that has been cleverly designed to increase productivity and employee wellbeing. Some examples of this include ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and cable management devices.

How can smart office furniture benefit you?

The clever combination of furniture and technology mean that there are less barriers to productivity.

Cable management is an example where furniture has been designed to better consider the way in which it will be used. Smart office furniture can be used to alleviate some of the confusion and clutter! A simple under-the-desk cable sorting device allows for cables to stay tidy and untangled with minimal effort.

Smart office furniture is also an example of how modern businesses are more aware of employee wellbeing and offers the most ergonomic solution to spending all day at a desk. Adjustable desks have been developed to alleviate common ailments for office workers, where traditional desks may make it a little harder to maintain a correct posture. It’s a similar situation for ergonomic desk chairs, where more customisation options offer ergonomic seating tailored to anyone.

How can Pace Group help?

Pace Group are experts in creating smarter office environments. We offer a range of smart office furniture, including some of the things we have already touched on. These include adjustable desks, ergonomic seating, power integration and cable management.

As well as this, we are experts in creating office environments that are tailored to encourage optimal performance from you and your staff. Our office fit-outs are flexible, customisable and take on-board the latest industry news and trends. We take on board your day-to-day practice, future business plans and budget considerations to maximise your long-term satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Pace Group can help you incorporate smart furniture in your office, contact us here or call us on 1300 542 542.