Our History from OfficePace to Pace Group

Our decades of experience in the office furniture industry as well as local manufacturing facilities led us to found OfficePace. Experience in the Office Furniture industry quickly led to OfficePace undertaking a variety of large-scale projects. The results of each project left the architects, designers, builders and end user astounded with the outcomes.

Over these years working closely with the architects, designers, builders and end users we have noticed a large gap in other sectors including hospitality, student accommodation, education and hotel markets. Thanks to OfficePace’s custom joinery capabilities and turnkey FF&E sourcing network, we were able to offer complete solutions with shorter lead times than others on the market. One of the clients to utilise OfficePace’s capabilities in joinery was the City of Newcastle, with functional yet stylish melamine lockers that tied in with the overall theme and wowed everyone with the stunning finishes.

These successful projects have led us to realigning the business direction to aim for a more holistic approach; now offering not only Office Furniture but now expanding to offer Custom Joinery and complete FF&E solutions too.

The time has now come to officially increase our portfolio outside of the office furniture industry and with this expansion, the name OfficePace no longer suited the entirety of what we could offer clients. We are retiring the name OfficePace and will henceforth be known as Pace Group.

Pace Group encapsulates our entire service offering to ensure we are offering Project Teams a wider range of options to achieve stunning results for all their projects. Give us a call today to discuss your next project 1300 542 542.