Jun 21 2018

The problem with office furniture

Many Australian organisations spend a fortune on the wrong office furniture, leading to suboptimal productivity and unsatisfied staff. That’s because companies start by looking at the products, rather than examining what their employees really need.

Furniture suppliers also contribute to the problem by designing products based on a preconceived idea of what the market wants. They appeal to the lowest common denominator, developing furniture that works reasonably well for most companies, but very well for none of them.

Today’s agile companies deserve an agile approach to office furniture – flexible, customisable solutions that are individually tailored to an organisation’s staff and project needs.

The good news? There is a way to get them.

Disrupting the furniture industry

At Pace Group, we want to change the way the industry thinks about office furniture. Our company’s philosophy starts with one simple truth: every organisation is different, and so are their furniture requirements.

Instead of starting with off-the-shelf products and deciding which ones might work for a client, we treat every office individually; working with the client to get a handle on their workplace needs without any preconceived products in mind. Then we draw on vast industry experience from within our supply-chain network to develop a bespoke furniture solution from scratch.

This results in better and more effective office spaces– workplaces that attract and retain staff and ensure that all employees are working optimally. And in most cases, they come in cheaper than an off-the-shelf solution.

How is this possible?

Collaborating with clients to identify their individual needs, we create tailored workplace furniture by working with a select group of preferred, local manufacturers.

Tailoring designs from scratch instead of adapting an inflexible pre-made product means our furniture usually works out more cost-effective  than off-the-shelf designs. And because all the work is done in Australia, projects go from design to final delivery extremely quickly.

We have complete control of the design and manufacturing process from start to finish – making all of this possible. This provides the flexibility to customise designs in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks; and allows us to support an organisation’s unique culture without breaking the bank.

Visit paceaustralia.com for more information on Pace Group’s innovative approach to furniture design.